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Skill Mission Training Centres

Training Center Id Taining Center Name District State
108241 National Institute Of Healthcare Management & Technology (NIHMT) PALAM New Delhi
45022 Apex Hospital and Apex Paramedical Institute Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh
45254 Anand Hospital Meerut Uttar Pradesh
45302 Astha Multispeciality Hospital Baghpat Uttar Pradesh
46711 Akshay Nursing Home Baghpat Uttar Pradesh
48430 Mehkar Multispeciality Hospital LLP Buldhana Maharashtra
48514 Ravideep Heart Care Center Buldhana Maharashtra
48764 Mehetre Hospital Buldhana Maharashtra
48847 Gautam Budh Hospital and Research Institute Pvt. Ltd. Nalanda Bihar
49072 Shri Yogiraj Hospital Buldhana Maharashtra
49087 Asha Multi Speciality Hospital and Critical Care Center Jalgoan Maharashtra
49692 Syadwad Institute of Higher Education & Research Baghpat Uttar Pradesh
55168 Gopal Hospital Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh
58975 Prayag Hospital & Research Center Pvt. Ltd. Noida Uttar Pradesh
59066 Sayeed Memorial Hospital Khurda Udisa
61695 Chhatrapati Shivaji Shubharti Hospital Meerut Uttar Pradesh
70320 Syadwad Institute of Higher Education & Research Baghpat Uttar Pradesh
74798 Syadwad Institute for Training of Trainers Baghpat Uttar Pradesh

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